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Do you need legal assistance in pursuing or opposing spousal maintenance in or around the greater Spokane area? This issue can be complex due to sophisticated financial holdings and other matters involved in a divorce or legal separation. If you need a strong advocate, I recommend that you contact my firm, Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC. I have years of experience representing clients in a wide range of family law matters, including legal separation and divorce cases where spouses have made claims for alimony or spousal maintenance. As a strong negotiator and litigator for your case, you will have the benefit of my vast knowledge and experience in pursuing my clients’ best interests.

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How Is Spousal Maintenance Decided in Washington State?

Spousal maintenance (often referred to as alimony) is not a mandatory obligation in a divorce or legal separation. It is decided by the courts on a case-by-case basis. Courts will look at a variety of factors to determine whether it is warranted. These factors apply to the economic conditions both parties will be left in once the divorce is final.

Such factors can include:

  • The earning capacity of the party seeking support, including his or her educational level, prior work history, or training
  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of living maintained in the marriage
  • Each party’s financial resources
  • What each party has contributed to the household throughout the marriage

Spousal maintenance may be awarded on a temporary basis, such as rehabilitative maintenance designed to give the supported party the resources and time to become self-supporting. Longer marriages tend to result in lengthier terms of support than short ones.

Modifications & Enforcement

Spousal maintenance awards may be modified through the courts when a substantial change in the life or financial circumstances of either spouse occurs. It can also be enforced when the supporting spouse fails to pay by going through the court. Courts have several methods of enforcement, such as wage garnishment, asset seizure, license suspension, and more.

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