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The process of divorce is rife with the possibility of disagreement and discord. Emotions can run high which can impede progress, cloud your judgment, and cause additional contention that only adds to the struggle. In a high-conflict divorce, the situation can become even worse, devolving into an emotional and legal battle that can become protracted and even more complicated. This is especially true when the marriage ends because of infidelity, waste of community assets, or one party is emotionally ready to end the marriage and the other feels left behind. I understand that parties to a divorce action are human beings needing emotional support, and acknowledgement of the pain associated with the breakup of the family. As an experienced divorce attorney, I can be both empathetic and objective as things must move forward in accordance with the Court’s timeline, not mine. I counsel clients to become empowered through becoming informed of what their options are; especially if the marriage is a long-term marriage and roles outside of that marriage have yet to be defined. Generally, high-conflict divorces are not amenable to resolution via mediation. However, in Spokane, mediation will be required before the parties may proceed to trial. I will always attempt to obtain client-desired results through mediation, and have seen such outcomes in a few high-conflict divorce cases.

Navigating your way through a high-conflict divorce can be difficult at best, especially when large assets are involved. This type of situation calls for an experienced divorce attorney who is trial-tested; lengthy litigation is often the result. You will need a Spokane divorce attorney who is extremely experienced in handling all aspects of conflict-driven action. As your Spokane contested divorce attorney, I have years of practice in handling cases both at the negotiation table and inside the courtroom. I provide strong litigation skills and a results-driven approach aimed at helping you navigate the process as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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Understanding the Challenges of High-Conflict Divorces 

A high-conflict divorce often involves aggressive legal tactics, on the part of one or both spouses, aimed at hurting or disadvantaging the other party instead of resolving disputes to the advantage of both parties. It is challenging for some to focus and move past the hurt and sense of mistrust. I have learned to listen to the emotionally damaging concerns, but I have also learned when to move forward and resolve the practical concerns that need to be addressed in the court proceeding. This type of situation can take an overwhelming toll on individuals and the entire family. If you are involved in a contested divorce, you need an experienced divorce attorney.

Disputed issues that often arise in a high-conflict divorce include:

Dealing with a spouse who is unwilling to negotiate will lead to the necessity for court intervention in settling these issues. You can rely on my diligent advocacy in pursuit of the best outcomes for you. I will also ensure that you have the support and care you need throughout your ordeal and that you have honest, and legally accurate information about what to expect at every stage of the process.

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