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If you need legal assistance in establishing paternity, I recommend that you turn to my firm, Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC. Whether you are the child’s father, mother, or a same-sex partner in a domestic relationship, I can initiate the proper legal steps to help establish legal rights in regards to the child. My firm is dedicated entirely to family law matters, such as paternity, which has given me a wealth of experience in the local courts and this field of law. As a Spokane paternity lawyer, I have represented mothers and fathers in a variety of paternity situations throughout the years.

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How Paternity is Established in Washington State

A “legal” father is not always necessarily a child’s biological father. In the case of an unmarried father, either he or the child’s mother may pursue legal action to establish paternity which will give him legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. Without establishing paternity, an unmarried biological father essentially has no legal rights in regards to his child.

Paternity or parentage (in the case of same-sex partners) can be established in several ways. These include:

  • Presumption
  • Acknowledgment
  • Paternity (or parentage) action

When a child is born to married parents or domestic partners, it is presumed that both individuals are the legal parents. If a child is born to parents who are not married or in a legal domestic partnership, then the child has only one legal parent which is the mother. In the situation of an unmarried father, his paternity can be legally acknowledged at the time of the birth through signing a notarized acknowledgment. This is a voluntary establishment of paternity. It is often done in the hospital at the time of the birth.

Should either party dispute a child’s paternity or parentage, a paternity (or parentage) action can be filed in a state court to determine the matter. This requires court action due to the dispute. It may be filed by a mother who is in pursuit of justified child support or a father or other parent seeking custody or visitation rights.

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