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Filing for Divorce in Spokane

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Getting Divorced with Legal CounselDivorce is often difficult legally, financially, and emotionally. Each person who goes through the divorce process will have his or her own special needs that must be addressed as the case moves forward. Many decisions and arrangements will have to be made involving everything from the disposition of the family home, disentanglement of finances, custody and parenting of children, and division of the parties’ assets and liabilities.

Understanding Divorce in Washington State

Washington is a “no fault” divorce state. Therefore, it is not necessary for either party to prove the other engaged in conduct that caused the marriage to fail. All that is required is that one party state that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” The Court will not hear about one party’s infidelity; as it is not relevant and cannot be considered in the distribution of parties’ assets and debts. Navigating such a process without the legal guidance of a trusted attorney can be a daunting experience and most certainly will result in a significantly disadvantageous outcome.

While no-fault divorce is the norm in Washington state,fault grounds are still recognized. Fault-based divorce grounds include:

  • Cruelty: the physical or emotional cruelty of one spouse toward the other, making the continuation of the marriage intolerable
  • Adultery: if one spouse engages in extramarital affairs, a divorce may be sought
  • Abandonment: when one spouse willfully abandons the other for a continuous period of at least one year
  • Confinement in a Mental Hospital: if one spouse has been confined to a mental hospital for a significant period of time due to incurable mental illness, it can be a basis for divorce.

Trusted Divorce Representation in Spokane

At Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC, I understand the enormity of what you must deal with in any divorce. As your Spokane divorce attorney, I will give your case the attention and commitment it needs and will ensure you are fully informed of the process as it unfolds. While I am an experienced and successful trial lawyer and can advocate for your legal objectives through litigation, if it is appropriate in your case, I will advise you to resolve your disputed issues via the less costly mediation process.

As your attorney, I will be present with you at mediation, and will negotiate an outcome that best represents your interests. If negotiation of full settlement is not achieved via mediation, then I would vigorously defend your interests at trial. Whether your case is uncontested or highly complex due to conflict and large assets, I work diligently to ensure that you are prepared at every phase, and that you fully understand your legal rights and options.

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What Is the Divorce Process in Spokane?

With divorce comes the necessity to resolve many issues, such as:

Following a divorce, you may need additional legal representation for such matters as petitions to modify custody or child support, relocation, support enforcement, and contempt actions.

How Much is a Divorce?

How much divorce costs differs based on a few factors including how complex your specific case is, court charges, attorney fees, as well as other expenses. This may include court filing fees, costs associated with serving legal documents, and fees for expert evaluations or consultations if required. Working with an experienced divorce attorney in Spokane at Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC can help you navigate these aspects and provide guidance on managing the overall cost of your divorce.

As an exclusive family law practice, Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC we have provided Spokane legal services to clients in Washington since 2003. With our exclusive focus on family law, we can provide you with the expertise and attention you need during this challenging time.

Need legal aid in Spokane, WA for your divorce? Do not hesitate to reach out to Ellen M. Hendrick PLLC. We offer a free consultation where we will be able to discuss your situation and provide insights into the potential costs associated with your divorce.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Legal separation is similar to divorce with the exception that you are still legally married to your spouse. However, your separation from your spouse will be accomplished through the court completing the same process required in a divorce action for establishing custody, a parenting plan, child support, spousal maintenance, and the division of assets and liabilities. Legal separation may be the appropriate alternative to divorce if the parties intend to attempt reconciliation, to continue health care coverage for a spouse with medical needs, or wish to take advantage of joint tax filings. Once a Decree of Legal Separation has been signed by the Court, neither party can motion the Court to convert the legal separation to a dissolution for six months.

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With over 16 years of handling high-asset, high-conflict divorces, no case is too complex for me. As your Spokane divorce lawyer, I approach every case with a strategy tailored to handle the specific needs and circumstances of your situation. In my initial consultation, you will received detailed explanations of options available to you, strategies for moving forward, and a commitment to diligently advocate for the best resolution of your case.

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